EUCEMAN – European Center for Micro- Nanoreliability

Aims, Purposes

  1. In bringing together scientists, engineers and other experts and institutions (legal entities) to collaborate on a voluntary, independent and non-profit basis, EUCEMAN pursues these aims and purposes:EUCEMAN promotes interdisciplinary research and development as well as co-operation in designated areas of reliability of materials, components, systems, tools and techniques with a particular focus on micro and nanotechnologies, including their applications for business, science and technology, as well as everyday-life concerns (household, leisure, sports, health etc.).
  2. The main objective is the promotion and support of co-operation between scientists, the industry and society at large, and in particular between research institutions and industry.
  3. EUCEMAN will pay particular attention to the induction of synergies in the above-stated fields between the member states of the EU, extending to the initiation, organisation and leadership of activities, project proposals and joint projects within the EU.
  4. Based on the conviction that advanced micro and nanotechnologies are continuing to have an ever stronger influence in all spheres of human life and will permeate them even more fully in the future, without, conversely, being accompanied by a like increase in knowledge of issues concerning their reliability, EUCEMAN endeavours to fill the following needs:
    • raise awareness about reliability issues
    • contribute to the organisation and realisation of the development of research strategies in Europe, especially the member states of the EU
    • launch, promote and co-ordinate initiatives, proposals and projects
    • foster the dissemination and focused application of the latest research results and scientific findings concerning the technologies in the field

EUCEMAN makes it their aim to represent the leading edge in science and technology in their field for the European region, empowered by the association’s members and their councils. EUCEMAN acts as provider of reviews, analyses, evaluations, recommendations and support, including funding.