Dr. Dudek received the EuroSimE Achievement Award

Dr. Rainer Dudek from Fraunhofer Institute ENAS in Chemnitz at the EuroSimE Conference held in Dresden, April 2017 received the EuroSimE Achievement Award.

This was the first time that this Prize was awarded by the well known EuroSimE conference series.36-DSC01158

Dr. Dudek has been member of EUCEMAN for many years, too. The chairman of EuroSimE who presented this award to Dr. Dudek, Prof. Kouchi Zhang, is one of the directors of EUCEMAN society.


Chemnitz MTEX Workshop 2017

-Matlab for Textture Analysis-

Time: Monday, 6th to Friday, 10th of February 2017,

Location: Chemnitz University of Technology, Department of Mathematics

Website: Workshop MTEX 2017


The aim of this workshops is to provide an easy start for MTEX beginners and to bring together MTEX users to share their ideas and to inform about recent developments in MTEX. The workshop will be divided into four parts:look at website for this workshop!